Together we are strong!

We are a talented and ambitious Game Development studio from Santiago, Chile. Micropsia Games specializes in the production of art and technology, managing the balance of these two aspects to create highly functional business software as well as prize-winning video games for the entertainment industry. 

The company was founded in 2006 under the name Micropsia, and then in 2013 becomes Micropsia Games. Our mission is to provide quality service to meet the customer’s expectations within specified time frames. Our goal for each project is a happy customer, which we believe forms the basis for a company that will last in the long-term.

Marco Antonio González

CEO and Co-Founder
I am Civil engineer and Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering degree from the University of Talca, also I am a diploma in Mac Games Academy. In 2006, just 21 years old, I was one of the first developers in Chile marketed mobile games sold in Chile and Latin America, indeed in the same year I created the official game of Telethon. President of my career, delegate at the center of pupils and students federation. I was part of the organization of multiple events at regional and national level as “Software Freedom Day”, “Utaltech ( robotics tournament )” and “Spaceapps Chile ( NASA)”


Creative Director and Co-Founder
My experience is mainly as a freelance consultant in different areas, in several charges: Sound engineer for music events and recording studios, music composer, and 3D artist and designer. I have a restless nature, a many-sided character and my passion for arts have lead me to make incursions in many startups, being the most prominent: La Misión Grabaciones (recording/studio), Mimética (Web design), and currently Micropsia Games (videogame/design). In te 2012 I studied in a certification program on videogame design. I strongly believe that my experience in different areas and my multifaceted character make me a relevant contribution for a multidisciplinary team.

Franco Pereira

3D modeling
I graduated from college as an animator and video games designer, my talents include: 3D/2D animation, 3D modeling, game design and more. I love creating and designing video games.
Now I am currently working on character animations and Cutscenes for an amazing game called “The Watchmaker”.
I believe that my experience can give a better perspective in any project, I think that for a team to be able to accomplish its goals, the most important part is communication. I am always excited and open to find ways and experiences to improve as an artist and as a person.

Jorge “Koke” Silva

3D modeling and ilustrator
My main skills are 3D modeling, rigging, conceptual art and I like to make my own game projects from initial concept to programming.
My passion for games led me to create them as a hobby at first, and I get to work on video game companies growing every day, starting on battery soul in 2015 and now working on Micropsia Games.


Erwann Pinard





Francisco Quilodrán

Business Development




Cristobal Alarcón

3D character




José contreras

3D modeling