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Tu decides is a mobile application allows the registered user to test interest which delivers results that are sent to the web portal, which gives a set of tools to help students who can choose for your career future.

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Fútbol Manager is a videogame created for the US company Kraos, is to be a football manager who creates his team and compete with other players around the world, buy stadiums, create your own, among other things. This project is being developed for IOS and Android and is working with Microsoft Azure based data, which gives great stability to welcome hundreds of thousands of users.

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Banco Estado

Tú Decides is a videogame developed for Banco Estado and FOSIS, which seeks to encourage financial education, at first you peremite choose the category that most closely resembles your reality, you must learn to manage money every month so as to reach the big goal, which can be for example a new department or dream trip.

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Karukinka is aimed at children, as it tells the story of how humanoids squirrels have to collect seeds to survive the winter, this game has a very interesting story as it is told as a comic, and is very attractive in terms of graphics and history for our children.

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